New Oil Paintings 
November 30 - December 24, 2016

Karin Clarke Gallery        760 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401         541.684.7963         kclarkegallery@mindspring.com
Adam Grosowsky, Polly, 48x60
Adam Grosowsky, The End of the Ride, 48x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Looking Out, 48x48, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Milla with Interior #2, 36x60,  2013
Adam Grosowsky, Girl with Fisherking, 36x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Kaya #2, 18x24, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Yeva with Magpie, 48x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Girl with Green Hat, 48x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Boy with Hat, 36x48, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Figure on Bridge, 36x36, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Looking Out #2, 36x60, oil on canvas, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Kaya with Falcon, 36x48, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Circus Girl with Buogie, 16x20 ,2013
Adam Grosowsky, Girl at Piano, 24x48, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Girl with Curtains, 36x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Girl on Balcony, 36x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Girl with Magpie, 48x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Small Clown, 48x60, 2013
Adam Grosowsky, Valley with Trees, 36x36
Adam Grosowsky, Barn Study, oil on canvas, 48x48, 2013
Kate #3, Adam Grosowsky, 48x48, oil on canvas
Dusk #5, Adam Grosowsky, 36x36, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky, Dusk #7, 36x36, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky, Milla and Lily #3
Adam Grosowsky,Balcony #1, 36 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Balcony #2, 30 by 40, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Balcony #3, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Boy with Cockatoo, 36 by 60 inches, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Boy with Kingfisher #1, 36 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Braid, 24 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Child in Window, 24 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Drummer Boy, 48 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Girl with Finch, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Girl with Raven, 72 by 60 inches, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Koi Series #1, 48 by 60, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Koi Series #2, 36 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Midwest Requiem #2, 36 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Nude study #1, 36 by 60 inches, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Reclining Nude, 24 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Sitting Nude, 36 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Window #1, 36 by 48, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Window #3, oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky,Window #4, oil on canvas
Picture Box: A primer of Western representational image making principles (and other lies)
Work from previous shows - please contact about availability
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Press on Exhibit - The Eugene Review

Karin Clarke Gallery is proud to present a solo show of new work by Eugene oil painter Adam Grosowsky during the month of December. Grosowsky, known for his grand-scale, dramatic portraits of women, has spent this year producing a compelling new series for this exhibit. The paintings, each depicting a boy and a large animal, have titles such as “Boy with Lion” and “Boy on Manchurian Crane”.

This fantastical series was inspired by Los caprichos, a set of 80 etchings by one of Grosowsky’s art heroes, Goya. These are bizarre and sometimes disturbing images, in some of which Goya depicts dream-like self-portraits with animals.

Grosowsky’s imaginings are more innocent and playful, and are painted in his characteristic lush, bold brushstrokes. I am reminded that Grosowsky was an accomplished falconer as a child; in his portfolio is a picture of himself as a young boy handling an enormous falcon.

In addition, the exhibit will include paintings of figures, portraits, as well as landscapes. Bold composition and dramatic contrasts continue to distinguish Grosowsky’s work. His fans will find much to admire!
Adam Grosowsky, Falconer 1, 48x48
Adam Grosowsky, Girl with Schipperke, 40x60
Adam Grosowsky, Italian Landscape, 36x48 AVAILABLE
Adam Grosowsky, Leilani 1, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Leilani #2, 40x60
Adam Grosowsky, Nude #5, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Leilani 3, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Villa #5, 36x48 AVAILABLE, at gallery
Adam Grosowsky, Dressing, 30x30
Adam Grosowsky, Italian Landscape 2, 36x60
Adam Grosowsky, Boy with Kestrels, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Amy 3, 40x40
Adam Grosowsky, Child with Birds, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Clown with Parakeet, 36x60
Adam Grosowsky, Italian Landscape 5, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Kaya in Window 5, 24x48
Adam Grosowsky, Keana 2, 48x48
Adam Grosowsky, Keana 3, 48x48
Adam Grosowsky, Klimt Study, 36x48 AVAILABLE
Adam Grosowsky, Koi Series 3, 24x48 Out on approval - but possibly available
Adam Grosowsky, Lighthouse, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Milla and Lily, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Painter in Studio, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Walking 1, 40x40
AVAILABLE, sale pending
Adam Grosowsky, Kate 3, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Koi Series 2, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Walking 3, 24x48
Adam Grosowsky, Winter Landscape, 36x48 SOLD to Nordstom
Adam Grosowsky, Italian Landscape 1, 36x48
Adam Grosowsky, Walking 2, 30x40
Boy on Baby Elephant, oil on canvas,24x48" SOLD
Figures on a Bridge, oil on canvas, 36x48"
Girl with Drinks,oil on canvas,  36x60", unframed
Snow Leopard with Nude, oil on canvas, 48x60, framed to 54 x 66"
Self Portrait with Skipperkes and Cat, 48x36 unframed (at gallery)
Jessica II, oil on canvas, 36x60 (at gallery)
Boy on Rooster I, oil on canvas, 36x48" framed to 41 x 53" SOLD
Miranda I, 36x48 unframed, oil on canvas (at gallery)
Boy on Rooster II, oil on canvas, 36x60, framed to  41x66" (Adam's studio)
Jessica, oil, 36x60" SOLD
Landscape at Dusk, 24x48", SOLD
Girl with Bangs (Miranda), 24x48", framed size is 29x53" (at gallery)
Italian Landscape 36x48" (at gallery)
Landscape with Path 36x48"  (at studio)
Miranda I, oil on canvas, 36x48 unframed SOLD
Miranda II, oil on canvas, 36x36" framed (at gallery)
Boy with Lion, 48x36
The Field, 36x48 SOLD
Boy on Manchurian Crane, 24x48 SOLD
Girl with Cockatiel and Conure, 40x60 (at Adam's studio)
Sitting Nude, 36x48
Golden Landscape, 48x48 SOLD
Adam Grosowsky’s work has been extensively collected in the Northwest and across the US. He was featured in Lux Magazine, and locally his paintings can be seen at Pacific Women’s Center, and the University of Oregon Knight Library. Nordstrom Department Store has commissioned over 80 of his paintings for their flagship locations nationwide. 

Adam was born in Chicago in 1959. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Evergreen State College in 1981 and his Masters of Arts and Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Iowa in 1984 and 1986 respectively. During this time, he studied under the famous printmaker Mauricio Lasansky. 

Although much of his training was in printmaking, his primary medium today is oil painting. His large canvasses, often portraits of women, are studies in light and dark. They are distinguished by dramatic contrasts—light or bright color against large areas of rich, dark background. 

Adam has been a full-time faculty member of Lane Community College in Eugene, teaching painting, figure drawing and printmaking since 1996.