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Bob Keefer with. Burn Near Table Rock
Megan Haight. Cow Encounter and HayRises
Marjorie Taylor. My Dear
Terry Duffy. The Future Held Closer  and  What was Revealed
Rebecca Mannheimer. Hang On
Joel Haffner. Willamette Valley Harvest
Sarah Peterman. Wool Rack
Margot Lovinger. Artemis
Houssein Peigahi. Landscape
Susan Applegate. Even with Broken Branch, We Look Toward Morning
Marilyn Perry. Flight
Phyllis Helland. A Hawk Slices Sideways Through an Oak Wood, Lands on a Branch and Disappears into Plain Sight
John Pellitier. Standing Water
Lynn Ihsen Peterson. Wind Dancing
Heather Jacks. Midsummer Dream
The 2020 Eugene Biennial Artists
Coming up in October:
Robert Schlegel Talk:
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Curator Craig Spliman talks about the Tom Blodgett show: First Friday, Oct 2nd, 11 am on Facebook Live