Christopher Bechler
Karin Clarke Gallery        760 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401         541.684.7963         kclarkegallery@mindspring.com
This Eugene artist began painting along side his artist mother when he was a child. At 21, he lived in Germany and befriended a German Expressionist artist Richard Kuhn, who let the young man paint in his studio for a period of one and a half years. Bechler came to Eugene and began taking classes at LCC in the 1990’s, including painting and drawing with Craig Spilman and sculpture with Bill Blix. At that time he was working predominantly with acrylic and watercolor, but when he saw Adam Grosowsky’s work, he knew he wanted to study with him and learn oil painting technique. He took two years of classes with Grosowsky , and then did independent study for about 6 years. Adam would review groups of Bechler’s paintings in front of his classes. Though he is no longer signed up for independent study, he still occasionally brings in his work for a critique. He says Grosowsky has been a “major influence in the use of glazing, composition and design.
Bechler’s landscape paintings are done mostly from memory, often from drives on Coburg Road. He says that his work is more about the feeling he gets from a place rather than just replicating the imagery. Often he begins abstractly and “finds” a landscape in the shapes. He says that Grosowsky has trained him to be able to get away from the subject matter, and to focus more on color, value, and interesting composition.