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Eugene Biennial Award Winners - One Year Later
July 31 - August 31, 2019

Reception: Friday, August 2, 5:30- 7:30 pm

Featuring: Kathleen Caprario, Suma Elan, Rebecca Mannheimer, Sarah Peterman, Beverly Soasey, Michael Whitenack, and Betsy Wolfston.

Karin Clarke Gallery is pleased to present a group show giving the winners of last year’s Eugene Biennial an opportunity to exhibit more of their recent work.

Kathleen Caprario’s new series, Patterns of Privilege, explores "..the intersection between physical place and cultural pace. “Questions of privilege, including my own as a white artist, are at the core of the work and my process." 

Suma Elan has explored painting and mixed media art for over twenty years while maintaining a private practice in psychotherapy. She has melded these two interests, incorporating art therapy into her practice. Her abstract landscape paintings in oil are symbolic and emotionally evocative, using color, line and shape to produce diverse moods and interpretations. 

Rebecca Mannheimer is well-known in the local arts community as the co-owner of Oregon Arts Supply for the past 20 years. Her work rich abstractions in acrylic on canvas make a subtle reference to the Willamette Valley landscape which she loves.

Sarah Peterman of Fern Ridge, is a sculptor, jeweler, and furniture maker. In this show she exhibits recent examples of sculpture and furniture out of wood and metal.

Beverly Soasey (1950 - 2018) was well-known to the art-appreciating audience of Eugene. We are grateful to be able to exhibit some of her final works created while on a residency in France, as well as a selection of older pieces. About her work she said, “My work is a study of textures, patterns and color — the combination of. Elements that intrigue and surprise the viewer. This process begins with the search and ends in a story.”

Michael Whitenack, a Eugene wood sculptor, explores political or social issues in his beautifully crafted, 3-d works that are whimsical, with a dark edge. They clearly have a story, but they leave you with a bit of a question. 

Betsy Wolfston is a ceramic artist who incorporates her respect for the functionality of pottery into non-traditional ceramic creations that speak of human feelings and of ageless wisdom. Her new pieces, created for this show, are called “Specks.” They are wall-mounted porcelain half-spheres, hung alone or in groups, some with delicately scratched birds and flowers, and others are all about color. They are beautiful to the eye and soft to the touch. 
"Specks' are moments of reflective pausality. They hold remnants of the natural world -hair, feather, fur, ash & bones - threads of our lives creating intimate modern fossils.
Cast porcelain, oxides and glaze, married at 2500 degrees.
Betsy's Allen Hall commission that relates to this series

This group exhibition will be on view from July 31 - August 31, celebrated with an Artist Reception during the First Friday ArtWalk on August 2, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. 

​Our thanks to 2018 Eugene Biennial award-winner Athena Delene for taking photos at the reception. We will be adding those to our website soon.


Karin Clarke Gallery        760 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401         541.684.7963         kclarkegallery@mindspring.com
Rebecca Mannheimer
Sarah Peterman
Suma Z Elan
Michael Whitenack
Beverly Soasey (1950-2018)
Kathleen Caprario
Betsy Wolfston
Kathleen Caprario
"Patterns of Privilege: I Stand Upon You 2"
acrylic, oils, spray paint, cut outs on paper, mounted on wood panel
30"x 30" x 3/4"
Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen
Photos by Athene Delene