Schrager & Clarke Gallery is pleased to present work from the estate of sculptor and professor of art Jan Zach. Zach was born in Czechoslovakia, trained as a painter in Prague, and came to the United States in 1938 to work on the Czech pavilion at the New York World’s Fair. Due to events of World War II preventing his return to Europe, Zach moved to Brazil to begin his new life in the arts. In the early 1950s, Zach and his wife moved to Canada, where he remained until joining the art faculty of the University of Oregon in 1958. He continued to teach for 21 years, becoming an important influence on several generations of art students.

Jan Zach (1914 – 1986)
Legacy Works of a Northwest Master
March 26 – April 26, 2014
Opening Reception: First Friday, April 4, 5:30 – 8pm
Informal talk by Tommy Griffin at 6pm

Jan Zach, Untitled Landscape, watercolor on paper, 11.5x15.5, c 1950s
Jan Zach, Cataguases, ink on paper, 15x21, 1951
Jan Zach, Zach's Brazil House, watercolor on paper, 9.5x13, c 1940s
Jan Zach, Bull Study, ink on paper, 16x19, c 1940s
Jan Zach, Deer, ink on paper, 17x18, c 1940s
Jan Zach, Study for Marching Women, painted wood, 24 inches height, 1981
Jan Zach, Carnival Dancer, oil pastel, 12x18, c 1951
Jan Zach, Untitled Sculpture Study, conte crayon on paper, 10x22, c 1960s
Jan Zach, Barbados #1, watercolor,  1940
Jan Zach, Barbados #2, watercolor, 1940
Jan Zach, Beach scene, mixed media, circa 1940s
Jan Zach, Brazil Countryhouse, gouache, 1940s
Jan Zach, Brazil Landscape, watercolor on paper, circa 1940s
Jan Zach, British Columbia Dock, watercolor, circa 1950s
Jan Zach, Canadian City Scene, conte, circa 1950s
Jan Zach, Canadian Landscape, conte, circa 1950s
Jan Zach, Cover illustration for the magazine Cocktail, lithograph, 1946
Jan Zach, Czech Bridge, watercolor, 1936
Jan Zach, Fish, cast iron sculpture
Jan Zach, Garden Leaf Form, hammered stainless steel,1970s
Jan Zach, Grouping of Trees, conte crayon, circa 1960s
Jan Zach, Marquette for Marching Women, 1981
Jan Zach, Nativity, woodblock print
Jan Zach, New York, watercolor, circa 1939
Jan Zach, Rocky Cliff, conte, circa 1970s
Jan Zach, Totem Study, cast aluminum,1960s
Jan Zach, Tree in Canadian Landscape, pastel, circa 1950s
Jan Zach, Untitled Cast Bronze, circa 1960s
Jan Zach, Woman in Striped Dress, pastel, circa 1950s
Jan Zach, Woman, ink, 1960s
Pillar, cast concrete, early 1950s
Jan Zach, Leaves, gouache, circa late 1960s
Jan Zach, Twisting form, Carved polychrome wood, 1970s
Jan Zach, Freeform rider, Cast aluminum,1960s
Jan Zach, Reaching, carved polychrome wood, Late 1960s to 1970s
Intersections: The Life and Art of Jan Zach by Roger Hull 

Book for sale
It was in Brazil that Zach began a transition away from painting and into sculpture. His early sculpture in terra cotta and wood was figurative, emphasizing the dramatic effects of light on tropical nature. After relocating to Canada, his inspiration was taken from the logs, rocks, and cliffs of the Northwest in British Columbia and his work became more abstract. After a sabbatical trip to Mexico in 1965, Zach began working with sheets of thin, flexible stainless steel to create rolled, folded, reflective forms. Although he continued to work in other mediums, this work became the signature of his mature period. He said of his inspiration: “The formation of ever-changing cloud shapes interests me; also the surfaces of rivers, the ripple of the water which is so like drapery ruffled by the wind.” The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, the Portland Museum of Art, and others, have acquired Zach’s work in recognition of his importance to the Northwest art scene.

We are excited to learn that in late 2014, Zach’s work will return to his birthplace, Slany, in Czechoslovakia, where a large retrospective exhibit will be mounted to celebrate his centenary. Schrager & Clarke Gallery has been able to obtain a wonderful selection of Zach’s work, ranging from paintings and drawings, to small sculptures, to large wood and steel sculptures. This exhibit represents the last time Zach’s work will be available for sale in Eugene. Join us at the April First Friday Artwalk for a reception to celebrate this work. Tommy Griffin, sculptor, student and friend of Jan Zach, will give an informal talk about his mentor. He will also discuss the plans for the upcoming Czech exhibit.

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