Karin Clarke Gallery is proud to present its 4th Collectors’ Resale Show, a curated show of previously owned works that are ready for new homes.

This exhibit will feature regional artists whose work is highly sought after and hard to come by. Some of the artists in the show are former University of Oregon art faculty members David McCosh, Jan Zach, and Andrew Vincent. Also represented are other important regional artists and teachers -- Robert Huck, Nelson Sandgren, Carl Hall, Jack McLarty, and Arthur Runquist. 

Gallery owner Karin Clarke has been meeting with collectors throughout Oregon, gathering an exciting and diverse array of collectable works. This show is presented only every few years. It is always full of surprises, and it is often a who’s who in Oregon art and beyond.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Come early for the best selection!

Featuring previously loved works by
Dyann Alkire
Will Barnet (1911-2012)
Germaine Bennett
Kathleen Caprario
Marc Chagall (1887-1985)
Mark Clarke (1935 -2016)
Margaret Coe
Antonio Frasconi (1919-2013)
Humberto Gonzalez
Jenny Gray
Adam Grosowsky
Carl Hall (1921-1996)
Charles Heaney (1997-1981)
Yugi Hiratsuka
George Hitchcock (1914-2010)
Robert Huck (1923 - 1961) 
Gene Kloss (1903 - 1996)
Joseph Mauborgne (1881 - 1971)
David McCosh (1903-1981)
Jack McLarty ((1919 - 2011)
Julia O’Reilly
Rene Rickabaugh
John Rock  (1919-1993)
James Rosenquist (1933-2017)
Arthur Runquist (1891 - 1971)
Nelson Sandgren (1917-2006)
Robert Schlegel
Andrew Vincent (1898 - 1993)
Kent Wallis (b. 1945, Utah)
Una Wilkinson (1913-2013)
Jan Zach (1914-1986)

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McCosh, Still Life, Pari
Carl Hall
David McCosh
Jenny Gray 2006
Joseph Mauborgne
Grosowsky 36x36
Grosowsky 24x36"
Rene Rickabaugh
Arthur Runquist
Untitled, oul on canvas
22 3/4" x 28 3/4"
Carl Hall
Una Wilkinson
Kent Wallis
David McCosh
Jesse Don Rasberry
Mark Clarke
Charles Heaney
Mark Clarke
Carl Hall
Coe, 1972 oil
McCosh: Blue Plate, c.1934, oil
Clarke, 1995 landscape: Sunset
The Collectors' Resale Show
January 3rd - January 27, 2018